Zagreb Card

Are you coming to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia? Are you coming to the heart of Europe, to one of the most beautiful countries of the Mediterranean? Are you coming here on business or as a tourist, on your own or in a group? Whatever the case may be, Zagreb welcomes you and opens its doors to you.

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The Zagreb Tourist Board and Five Stars Ltd. have created the Zagreb Card for visitors to Zagreb such as you, entitling you to many discounts, opening up many possibilities and holding many surprises.

Unlimited travel on public transport in Zagreb, discounts at virtually all of the city’s museums, reduced prices at many restaurants, shops, and service providers and many other concessions are what make Zagreb Card an irreplaceable travel companion in Zagreb.

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The card is valid for 72 or 24 hours from the date and time entered on the card and is not transferable. With the card you will receive a separate booklet in which you will find a list of service providers and the discounts available at their establishments.

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We welcome you to Zagreb!




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